The Crane Academy of Irish Dance

Crane Irish Dance is a CNY based dance academy run by Miss Jesse Hoselton TCRG with studios in Auburn and King Ferry, New York as well as in Shanghai, China.


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Christmas Parade

Saturday, November 25th @6pm (arriving probably an hour earlier to practice and literally warm up!)

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Winter Recital

The recital will be at Southern Cayuga's auditorium. 

The dress rehearsal is on Friday the 1st from 6:30 to 8:00ish.

The recital is on Saturday the 2nd of December at 6:30. 

Dancers should arrive at 5:30.  Doors will open at 6:00.  

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Video Recording of the Recital

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Farmboy Clothing Order Form

*There is a seperate form for items from the online store below*

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Online Store Order

Please find all items for the store at the link below.  If you are purchasing $60 or more worth of items, you can just go ahead and order on your own.  If not, list your items below and I will lump them with other orders to save everyone on shipping!

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Basic Dancer Info Survey

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