The Crane Academy of Irish Dance

Crane Irish Dance is a CNY based dance academy run by Miss Jesse Hoselton TCRG with studios in Auburn and King Ferry, New York as well as in Shanghai, China.

Miss Jesse Hoselton TCRG*

Over 15 years of experience teaching and choreographing for all ages and levels in America and China.

*TCRG is the teaching certification given by An Coimisiún Le Rincí Gaelacha.  It allows a teacher's students to compete at authorized feiseanna.  Here's a link to a little more information about certified teachers:  TCRG*

Miss Jesse was raised on a ballet foundation, with sprinkles of jazz, modern, pointe, tap and Scottish dance. She began Irish dancing at age 15 with the McDonald School of Irish Dance in Syracuse and didn't let her late start prevent her from working her way up to championship level and then successfully passing the TCRG teaching certification test. Her experience teaching Irish dance began with assisting at the McDonald School and moved on to include the Irish dance team “The Blackbirds” that she founded at the College of Wooster. 

After successfully passing into the championship level of competition, she moved to China and began teaching Irish dance there as well. Over three years in China, she taught, choreographed and performed Irish dance with dozens of students of all ages. She performed in the Irish dance show “The Journey Home” in Shanghai with the Drake School of Irish dance, the Shanghai Irish dance troupe “Celtic Storm” and renowned singer Katie Targett-Adams. She continued to choreograph and perform pieces with Celtic Storm that were danced at events all over Shanghai, including performances for the Consulate General of Ireland and in a Shanghai arts showcase as one of the top 50 dance teams in the city.

My incredible dancers in Shanghai made a compilation video of my time spent teaching and dancing with them.  I cannot thank them enough for the time spent with them and hope that they keep dancing always.

Miss Margaret Jodlowski

CNY Assistant Teacher

Miss Margaret is a preliminary championship dancer who has danced with Crane for 3 years. She started dancing at age 8 in her hometown of Chicago, but took a break from competitive dance at 16 in order to focus on school. Her love of dance and competitive spirit never quit, however, and she returned after an eight year break to a dance school in central Illinois, where she had moved to attend the University of Illinois. Her studies then led her to a Ph.D program at Cornell, which brought her to CNY and Crane! Since her first days with our school, she has been so supportive, and eager to share her love of Irish dance, feiseanna, and laughter with her fellow Cranes.


In addition to her years of Irish dance experience, she is a great example for all Cranes to look up to as she continues to balance grad school, assisting at classes and feising all over the country (and world)! She is pictured here at a feis in Arizona! In her limited free time, Margaret enjoys reading, drinking coffee, and traveling home to Illinois to visit her fiance Brad.


Fun Fact: People often think Miss Jesse and Miss Margaret have been friends forever, or even are sisters or cousins. In truth, we do go way back, we just didn't know it at the time! Margaret knew Miss Jesse through the blog she ran in China as she sat her TCRG exams, before even moving back to America. Little did either one of us know that Margaret would end up just a hop, skip, and jump-over away from Jesse's school in King Ferry!

Miss Ariel danced at a promotional event for Riverdance 

Miss Ariel Wang

Shanghai Assistant Teacher

~bio under construction~

Hardshoe lessons at the Shanghai School for the Blind